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Master of Science - Mathematics


This program has the following broad objectives:

  • To emphasize the relevance and usefulness of mathematics from an application point of view
  • To equip the learners with the core mathematical knowledge and training necessary for use in many application areas
  • To expose the learner to real life problems and promote the use of mathematics in industry.
  • To develop a work force that is equipped with the mathematical skills that are necessary in the changing industrial and economic scenario of the country


Pass in B.A. or B.Sc. with Mathematics as main or ancillary or one of the three equal subjects.


  1. Minimum: Two Academic Years from the year of joining the course
  2. Maximum Duration for the completion of the course: The Candidate shall have to complete the course within Five academic years from the year of joining the course for securing FIRST Class or SECOND Class.
  3. Re-registration Facility: Candidates who could not complete the course within the period of FIVE years from the year of joining the course are permitted to avail the facility of ‘Re-registration’ on payment of prescribed fee for two more years, beyond the maximum duration of FIVE years prescribed above. Such facility is provided only either for completion of the course by appearing for back log papers or for the improvement of percentage only (like those who wish to improve their percentage from 50 to 55 or to 60 percent), but not for the award of higher class like third class to second class or second class to first class. Irrespective of percentage of marks secured during the re-registration period, such candidates will be awarded either second or third class for which he/she is eligible as per the percentage of marks secured within the maximum duration of the FIVE years period permitted for the course.

Medium of Instruction

English Medium Only

Examination Rules

The pass, class, grace rules approved for the award of M.Sc. Mathematics Degree offered by ANU, CDE to students under the Distance mode will be applicable to the students opting ‘Online Mode’.

Program Structure

First Year
Complex Analysis and Special Functions and Partial Differential equations
Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations
Second Year
Topology and Functional Analysis
Measure and Integration
Analytical Number Theory and Graph Theory
Rings and Modules

Course Fees

Type of Fees* Domestic students Mode of payment)
Registration fee Rs. 500 Online / DD
1st Year Tution fee Rs.5275 Online / DD
2nd Year Tution fee Rs.6450 Online / DD

* All administrative fees will be extra. Fees are subject to change.

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