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MBA (Hospital Administration)


MBA program is designed to give the student an ability to develop their career to its fullest potential, at an accelerated pace. The student will understand the global, environmental, political, economic, legal and regulatory context for business and develop the capacity to apply knowledge in new and unfamiliar circumstances through a conceptual understanding of relevant disciplines. The program will provide intensive theoretical and practical knowledge of management along with relevant case studies and technical knowhow. With a full range of specializations available, students have the opportunity to select a management program that is ideally suited to their needs.


Any degree other than BFA,Bachelor of oriental learning with minimum 50 percentage of marks (45 % for reserved categories) and have studied Maths as a subject at SSC, Inter or Degree level and pass through the entrance test conducted by ANU.


  1. Candidate who passed directly the qualifying examination with Mathematics, as one of the subjects in the Degree course is eligible for admission and others who passed the qualifying examination without Mathematics, as one of the subjects in the Degree course, are eligible for admission if they pass 10th class or 10 + 2 examination with Mathematics.
  2. Candidate who passed SSC with Mathematics and NOS are eligible for admission.

Duration of the Course

  1. Minimum: Two Academic Years from the year of joining the course.
  2. Maximum Duration for the completion of the course: The Candidate shall have to complete the course within FIVE academic years from the year of joining the course for securing FIRST Class or SECOND Class.
  3. Re-registration Facility: Candidates who could not complete the course within the period of FIVE years from the year of joining the course are permitted to avail the facility of ‘Re-registration’ on payment of prescribed fee for two more years, beyond the maximum duration of FIVE years prescribed above. Such facility is provided only either for completion of the course by appearing for back log papers or for the improvement of percentage only (like those who wish to improve their percentage from 50 to 55 or to 60 percent), but not for the award of higher class like third class to second class or second class to first class. Irrespective of percentage of marks secured during the re-registration period, such candidates will be awarded either second or third class for which he/she is eligible as per the percentage of marks secured within the maximum duration of the FIVE years period permitted for the course.

Medium of Instruction

English Medium Only

Examination Rules

The pass, class, grace rules approved for the award of M.B.A. Degree offered by ANU to students under the regular mode will be applicable to the students opting ‘Online Mode’

Program Structure

First Year
Management Process & Organizational Behaviour
Marketing Management & Marketing of Services
Introduction of Computers and MIS
Health Care and Operations Management
Hospital Planning and Engineering
Hospital Economics and Financial Management
Medical Terminology & Records
Managing Hospitals - I
Second Year
Strategic Managemnt
HRM & Quality Management
Counselling Skills fpr Managers
Research Methods in Hospitals
Patient Care and Behaviour
Managing Hospitals - II
Legal and Ethical Issues
Hospital Cost and Financial Accounting
Project Work
Viva-Voce Examination

Course Fees

Indian Students
Type of Fees* Amount Mode of payment
Registration Fees Rs. 500 Online / DD
1st Year Rs. 21500 Online / DD
2nd Year Rs. 16500 Online / DD

* All administrative fees will be extra. Fees are subject to change.

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