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Dear Enthusiastic Student.

Acharya Nagarjuna University, founded in 1976, has created a niche of its own among the Universities around the globe. The University was inaugurated by the then President of India Dr. Fakruddin Ali Ahmed, fulfilling the aspirations of the people of the area. Keeping in view of the cultural foundations, the University was named after the great philosopher of the Buddhist Cult Nagarjuna. During the brief period of its existence for over 36 years, the University has emerged as the most preferred destination of higher learning in the disciplines of Arts, Commerce, Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering, Pharmacy and Architecture

Our University is mighty enough to satisfy the educational aspirations of a large number of rural, semi-urban and urban students of the state. Students from many countries of the world, far and near, are now attracted to the University, and the pride they carry is a matter of joy. The University is also maintaining the policy of openness and flexibility in terms of relaxed entry, duration for completing a programme and place of study. Continuous efforts are being made to widen the access by offering high quality, innovative and need based programmes at different levels, especially for the disadvantaged and marginalized segments of society at affordable cost by using different forms of media and technology. As one of the India’s leading Universities in the ODL (Open Distance Learning) system, ANU is poised to make you leap forward in embarking up on the online mode of education from the Academic Year 2014-15.It is a plan to launch the programmes from 1st July, 2014. It is the objective of the University to blend the advantages of technology and time-tested pedagogy to ensure that the student receives a near-classroom experience. It will also strive to develop a national and international network using emerging technologies to meet the challenges of access and equity. The thrust will be on strengthening’ the online delivery of education and establishment of community-based multi-purpose tele-learning centres for ICT-enabled education and training. I am confident that the university would be loved and preferred by every On-line student now and in future.

Wishing you all the best,


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